Let It Snow (Extravaganza)
a recording by Jeff Anvinson

Let It Snow (Extravaganza)

A Holiday Recording by Jeff Anvinson
and the Anvinson Holiday Orchestra and Chorus

Let It Snow (Extravaganza) digital recording by Jeff Anvinson

Let It Snow (Extravaganza) is just what the title says it is - an extravagant upbeat mixture of voices, instruments, and textures that creates a totally new and fresh rendering of this traditional holiday classic. You'll want to get it right away so you can enjoy it during the holidays. Jazz combo? Check. Brass ensemble? Check. Woodwind quartet? Check. Five-voice vocal group? Check. Full orchestra and boogie woogie piano? Check and check. Doesn't this pique your curiosity? Listen to the sample clip to get a glimpse into this mind-blowing recording. It's available on iTunes and Amazon as a digital download for only 99¢.

Let It Snow (Extravaganza), a digital single by Jeff Anvinson

Sample Clip

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Buy it for only 99¢ on iTunes

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